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Trip at dubai

Shera - Jan 3, 2015


Thanks for Miss Travel… I just came back from Dubaï, met a gréât person, generous, respectful, loving And caring… We planned this trip in 2 days, but Did not regret at all…
Thanks for Miss travel… Lové…

Great dinner @ Mexico City

isalu - Dec 5, 2014


A guy who was traveling for business asked me to meet at a very cute restaurant, here in Mexico City. Despite the age differences (he's 49, i'm 25), the dinner went great. We talked about everything, as if we were long time friends. No uncomfortable silences, great food, great wine, great place. The idea was to see if we're compatible to travel together. We did not touch the point, but we accorded to keep in touch, so let's see what happens.

Love and Romance

Pathfinder2U - Dec 2, 2014


I originally connected with a loving, beautiful, English lady here on Miss Travel. I first traveled to England to meet her and we really hit it off. Three weeks later I flew to London and we spent the most magnificent week together. It went so well...we had such a marvelous time, laughing, talking, dining out, shopping, and intimacy with a truly deep connection. We can't stop talking to each other now and we are quite the item. Next up, she is coming to spend time with me in my country, America, and continue our romance in my home state of Florida. Thank you, Miss Travel!!!

New York

limsx - Aug 5, 2014


He messaged me on here making the offer and i soon accepted, the following weekend he met me at Birmingham airport and we flew out. When we arrived in New York we visited the statue of liberty, empire state building and soon after we ended up going to a 5 star restaurant and then a bar, had a few dirty martini's and then headed to the 5 star refinery hotel. The rest of the week was filled with shopping, Broadway shows and expensive restaurants. It was the best week of my life, thank you miss travel for introducing me to this wonderful man!!!

Weekend to spain :)

KickassKat - Jul 15, 2014


Met a wicked laid back guy on here, after chatting for a while we agreed to do a weekend in Alicante :) Booked the flights Thursday afternoon and flew out Saturday! He met me at the airport, checked us into a lovely hotel and after I'd showered and smoked, we went straight out for dinner on the beach. We spent a long time chatting and he taught me a little Spanish over desert. We then did a bottle of wine on the balcony before bed. He was a real gent, bless him. The next day we traveled up to Benidorm to see the castle and have a beer, I even got a tattoo! :) Spent the rest of the weekend half chilling half exploring, ate some beautiful food, drank some lovely wine and saw some incredible things. All in 48 hours! I hadn't been abroad in the best part of ten years so this was a real experience for me, I didn't realize how badly I needed it! Thank you to him again for such a wicked time :)

First trip

Rache - Jul 6, 2014


I want to thank Miss Travel. I had a really nice trip to San Francisco with highlander 6373 such a gentlemen. He showed me around we watch the fireworks because it was the 4th of July. He treated me nicely and with respect. I had an awesome time. I highly recommend this site.
It's nice to get To know someone and have a good chemistry. Again thank you to highlander 6373 and to Miss Travel…


like a dream

fakher1 - Jun 9, 2014


It was really a nice dream; It gives me warm when i remember this moment. I was waiting in Charle de Gaule airport in France for coming back to Tunis when a pretty lady shared with me the table in the café and was seated near me. She must have been 38-40 years old. She was funny and she asked me, after saying hello, if i heard about Miss travel site before and what was the subject of this?- I answered that I never heard about it. she laughed discretely and gave me what is the subject of Miss travel and when she finished I told her that is very interesting to know that and the idea pleased me because I like to have a travel companion. She asked me if I accept to be her guest for the week end in Cote d'AZUR. It was my surprise. How so beautiful woman asked an unknown man to be her companion. After a short reflection, I accepted and delayed my departure to Tunis in order to be her companion.
Three hours after we were in Nice. Her driver was in waiting for us. We were driven to a big house in a big garden with pool and others..;; I can't tell you who is she but is enough to tell you that she is famous star of cinema and we spent together 6 days not three as planned before. I think it was a dream because if someone other told me what happened i would not believe in what he was saying, but it was the truth.

Met amazing man that treated me like a princess

blueicey1 - May 9, 2014


I hadn't been on this site for along time when a person contacted me. We started right away to email back and forth, and we got along. He told me he had a business trip in NYC, but was willing to stay few more days to spend with me. After he asked me if I would come to NYC I thought about it and decided to go for it. We schedule a video call on Skype to see if we where both who we said we where :)
We got connected on Skype and I liked what I saw and heard. He looked like a total gentleman and he asked me if he could book me a ticket to NYC. I thought about it, and I had no plans anyway so I went for it. He then booked my ticket and a hotel stay for us at St Regis hotel; a five star hotel in heart of Manhattan. I was excited but nervous at the same time but had a good gut feeling about the whole thing so it was helping me out. Before I left to the airport, he asked me what my favorite perfume was and I told him I always wear Michael Kors. Then my journey started. He check up on me because he saw also my flight was delayed.
Finally I get back to the plain and the journey continues. Three hours later I'm finally at the airport in New Jersey and there I see him standing to pick me up. He looked so handsome in a tailored suite and had a big smile on his face. Right this moment, I knew this was going to be amazing weekend.
We grab a cab to go to the hotel and we are sitting in the car and he's quite shy and finally half way to the hotel he gives me a little gift. I open it and it was the perfume. It was so sweet and perfect because I just finished mine.
As soon we get to the hotel, we check in and he asked for two rooms, but the front desk said they didn't have it available. That was so sweet, so I say to him, it's ok don't worry about it. We go into the room and he's starting to open up more and opens up a champagne bottle and we cheers to each other I felt like I already knew this man and we connected right away.
The clock was already late because of my delayed flight, so not many restaurants open, but this was NYC so you can always find something. We ended up finding this cute, romantic, after hour place with amazing food… It was a little wait but we didn't care and made it as excuse to get some dirty martinis at the bar. We start opening up more and our chemistry was off the hook at that moment. I relaxed that I took a huge risk, but ended up meeting this wonderful man. After dinner we hit the club and got a table and we ordered some more nice champagne danced and had a great time we didn't arrive to the hotel until five in morning. It was an awesome first meeting. The morning after, we went to wonderful brunch and he took me little shopping and we where holding hands like a real couple and it felt quite nice. In the evening, he booked tickets for us to a Broadway show. because I told him I had never been to one. We saw lion king and it was incredible and so much fun. After that, we went to amazing Italian restaurant, there after to a nice Lounge where we did some dancing. I used to live I New York so I knew a few people over there and we ended up meeting up with some of my friends at a party and we made up a funny love story how we met. It was really funny how people said we looked like the perfect couple lol. Our last day we did some tourist guiding and enjoyed the city. This trip was amazing and I was very sad when I had to leave this handsome gentleman that had not only treated me like a princess, but also like I was his own girlfriend. If it wasn't for this site I would never have been able to meet this wonderful man and I'm really grateful I did. We have stayed in touch and he's helped me out a little bit and we already have planned to take another trip together in august and I can't wait. Thank you miss travel for this amazing opportunity and allow me to get this amazing adventure into my life. I recommend anyone that's adventures to take a risk and have fun with it ;)

Best travel vacation ever!!!;)

OceanLady - Apr 7, 2014


I just returned from London and Switzerland after 10 days of the most awesome vacation ever!!! Thanks to Miss Travel;) I met the kindest man ever! He took the time to come to my home town to meet me and the rest is history. He paid $$$$$$$ for this trip and made me feel like a Queen, finest of everything !!!!;) We will have many more fun filled vacations. I want to say Thank You John for all your hospitality and the many laughs ;))))))) Thank You Miss Travel.

5* weekend!

PassionateSpirit - Mar 19, 2014


After a few messages and a 2hr FaceTime convo, my flight was booked to meet in Vancouver for the weekend. He put me up at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel and had an upgraded room. We went for amazing dinners, had delicious brunch at the Pan Pacific Hotel, and he booked me in for a massage at the hotel spa.
Had an incredible connection and an amazing time together! Have been chatting since and will definitely be travelling with him again :)